Dreamland Vacations Travel Co Request Form
Thank you for allowing Dreamland Vacations Travel Co to help curate your dream vacation.
Please fill out the form that relates to your future travel needs and allow us up to 2 business days to provide your quote or 7 business days for long haul vacations (ex:Dubai,Africa,Maldvives etc)

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THERE IS AN UPFRONT NON-REFUNDABLE PLANNING FEE STARTING AT $15 AND UP FOR NEW CLIENTS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS REQUEST. (See below) Your planning fee covers the planning, research, negotiations and booking of your travel package.

ATTN!! U.S Domestic locations are no longer offered. Dreamland Vacations Travel Co ONLY offers international travel and U.S Territories (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands). We also do not service “flight only” requests
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    Our goal is to find a resort which will offer you the majority of your chosen preferences in one location. Talk through the options below with your other travelers and mark those that are important to everyone.
  • That by checking this box I confirm and understand that I must pay a nonrefundable planning fee that will not be applied toward the payment of my trip. I am aware that my trip planning process will not begin until the planning fee is received via my chosen method of payment
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