Volunteer Background Check Submission
New Birth of Freedom Council Background Clearance Submission Portal

Prior to your submission please gather all of your necessary documents.

If you have submitted PA clearances to the Council in the past and you are providing updated clearances, our preferred platform for you to use is https://clearances.newbirthoffreedom.org/. You can still use this form to submit clearance renewals, but we can process your clearances faster using our preferred platform.

For more information on which documents are needed please visit www.newbirthoffreedom.org/pa-clearances. If you need assistance with your submission please email Alexandria Houck at alexandria.houck@scouting.org or call (717) 827-4576.
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  • If you have a BSA membership ID number, please enter it here to assist us with updating your record.
  • Select based on your primary role in Scouting.
  • Enter your primary unit number using four charters - example: enter 3 as 0003; enter 172 as 0172; enter 2100 as 2100.
  • Please select which Scouting district your are in. Visit www.newbirthoffreedom.org/districts to determine your district if it is unknown.
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    Enter the effective date of your Report of Criminal History from the Pennsylvania State Police.
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    Enter the effective date of your Child Abuse Clearance History from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.
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    Enter the effective date of your Disclosure Statement for Volunteers.
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    Enter the effective date o your fingerprint-based FBI Criminal History Clearance.
  • Upload Report of Criminal History from the Pennsylvania State Police (PDF format only)
  • Upload Child Abuse Clearance History from the Department of Human Services (PDF format only)
  • Upload Disclosure Statement for Volunteers (PDF format only)
  • Upload fingerprint-based FBI Criminal History Clearance (PDF format only)
  • By providing the name and email address of your Unit's Committee Chair, a copy of your clearances can be sent to them directly. Please, choose "Yes" if you have your unit committee chair's email address and elect to send them a copy of the clearances you have provided.