2019 Tas Titles Tyre Order Form
If you have any problems with this form, or make any mistakes, please email greeny@richardgreenphotography.com.au

Orders will close 2 weeks before the titles start.

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  • Control Tyres

    As a AARCMCC sanctioned State titles, there will be a control tyre for all driven wheels (rear tyres on most vehicles, and fronts on 4wd only). Those tyres are Proline Pyramid, Wedge, Prism and Pin Point depending on class. See below for details

    Non driven tyres on 2wd are open still. The club is making a bulk order of tyres from Sponsor Proline Australia. If you wish to purchase any tyres, please indicate below.

    A limited quantity of 2wd Front: Wedge Squared 2.2" Z3 8230-103 for $20 a pair will be available at the track.

    Orders must be paid for at the time of entry. OIf you have any queries or problems email greeny@richardgreenphotography.com.au
  • Buggy Rear
    4wd Front
    Stadium Rear
    Short Course Rear
    2wd Front
    Stadium Front
    Short Course Front
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