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  • Name(s)
  • Name(s)
  • Terms and Conditions:
    I hereby consent to allow Guidance Mortgage LLC (NMLS ID #220081), its employees, and agents to contact me via the above listed email address(es), fax number, or phone number(s), even if I am listed on any Do Not Call list at the State or Federal level until such time as I withdraw permission in writing to: Guidance Mortgage LLC, 14380 W Capitol Dr Ste #1, Brookfield, 53005. I also consent to allow Guidance Mortgage LLC to contact and discuss my file with the interested parties entered above on this form, so long as they do not disclose information to these parties about my income, assets, or credit history.

  • Disclosure/Refundability of Application Charges

    This notice is being provided to you pursuant to DFI-Bkg 43.02, Wis. Admin. Code

    I understand that I am required to pay the following fees at application:

    _X_ Application Fee $ _____0.00_____
    ___ Appraisal Fee* $ 440.00 – 700.00
    ___ Credit Report Fee* $ 25.00

    The loan application fee is ____ not applicable __X_ is applicable to your closing costs at the time of settlement and is _X_ not refundable ____ refundable under the following conditions:

    * If the appraisal and credit report have not been done, for any reason, the fees for these items will be refunded in full.

    Fees, terms, conditions and interest rate __X_ are ____ are not subject to change prior to or at closing.