Please use this form if you wish to rent a locker for the duration of your stay in Campus Housing.

Within 2 business days of your submission a member of the Campus Housing team will contact you. The appropriate fees will be applied to your student account after which you will have 2 business days to make your payment at Student Services. Once you provide a receipt to the residence office you will be given your locker assignment confirmation.

Rental of a locker is $40 per semester. The full amount for your entire stay must be paid before you put your lock on. Locker fees are not prorated and all sales are final, with the exception of a student no longer attending Olds College.

All lockers must be cleaned out and emptied on or before the last date of your program.

If the locker is not emptied within five (5) days of the end of your rental period the lock and all contents will be removed.

The renter must not store hazardous, illegal, stolen, or perishable goods. All lockers are subject to inspection.
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