ALA Award Bulk Seals Order Form
Please complete and submit the following form for ALA bulk seals orders. If you have separate seal orders you will need to fill out another form.

Bulk Prices:
Pressure sensitive seals are available in bulk. They are packaged 1,000 to a roll.

Price: $175/1,000 seals

ALA offers the following volume discount prices:

10,000–20,000 seals = $0.155/each
21,000–25,000 seals = $0.145/each
more than 26,000 seals = $0.125/each
more than 1,000,000 seals = $0.115/each

For example: the price for 10,000 seals would be $1550.00.

ALSC Seal more than 100 bulk rolls (100,000 seals) need to be approved by Anne Michaud prior to the order being processed. Orders over 100 bulk rolls will take 12 weeks to process. If there are any changes or questions about a bulk seal order contact Anne at for notification.

After you place your order, you will receive an email copy. Please immediately verify your product, quantities, and shipping address. If you spot an error, please send an email update to Please note: all orders include the cost of the seals, the shipping, and a $10.00 handling fee. Rush orders will incur a $20.00 handling fee.

Information regarding your order status will be available within 72 business hours after your order has been placed. After that time, please call CDC (Chicago Distribution Center), ALA's warehouse at 1-800-621-2736 if you have any questions regarding your order.
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  • Please indicate amount in number of rolls
    1 roll = 1,000 seals
    example: 14 rolls =14,000 seals

    **Any order of more than 100 rolls may take up to 12 weeks to process.
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  • Policies Relating to Seal Use

    All Award Seal and Notable Seal images, Award names and Notable names (the “Trademarks”), and any all rights therein including all trademark, copyright and other proprietary rights therein, are solely and exclusively owned by ALA. You may not download, copy, reproduce, distribute, replicate, retransmit, edit, modify, link, excerpt, display or otherwise make use of the Trademarks at any time unless you have obtained the express prior written permission of ALA.

    With the exception of e-book editions, seals may only be placed on the book or media that originally won the award. This includes revised or translated editions, audiobooks or videos published based on the original award winning book or media.

    Video of a Caldecott-winning book should not carry a Caldecott seal.

    The printed book of an Odyssey-winning audiobook should not carry the Odyssey seal.
  • Translation Book Covers

    Permission to place seals on the covers of award-winning title translations can be obtained. Translations require a separate seal agreement (contact Anne Michaud), and must also include the following language on the Copyright page:
    “This title won the 201_ (Award Name) Medal for the U.S. edition published by _________ in 201_.”
    A digital copy of this page must be sent to (312) 280-2163 for review and approval before publication.
  • Permission to Reprint

    Arrangements can be made through ALA's Rights and Permissions office for publishers/producers who want permission to reproduce the appropriate seal on a paperback edition, e-book edition, book jacket, audio or video cassette, for compact disc cover copies, etc. Price for use of transparency or EPS Image: $100 per 1,000 copies printed/produced.

    Arrangements can also be made through ALA's Rights and Permissions office to print seal images on signage, display materials, and/or other items. A commercial use fee applies.

    For all questions regarding award image rights only, please contact or Mary Jo Bolduc, 312-280-5416 or 312-944-8741 (fax).