Youth Ministry Subject Matter Consent Form
Word of Restoration International Church

    As a ministry, we make a concerted effort to address topics that have an impact on the lives of our youth. It is important that topic choices are relevant to the students' lives and will allow leaders and partners to address them in a healthy and spiritual manner.
    Due to the sensitive nature of some topics, parental consent will be required from time to time.
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    *The topic of discussion for our students is “Why Wait?”. Please be aware that the intent of this lesson is NOT to be sex, sex education, or sexual instructions. The lesson will focus on the importance of following God’s instructions to wait until marriage for sex and the spiritual ramifications of premarital sex.

    *Due to the sensitive nature of the discussion, a consent form is required for all attendees. Only students with a signed consent form will be allowed to participate in the "Why Wait?" Youth Ministry activities.

    *We recognize that some parents may not be comfortable with their student(s) participating in discussions regarding this subject matter, therefore students who do not have consent to participate are asked to worship with his/her family in the main sanctuary for the duration of the series.