NEW!!! Payment Authorization Form
sublimeXcursions LLC is an agency associated with the Travel Leaders Network. We are an IATAN certified agency authorized to conduct business with all travel suppliers including, but not limited to airlines, car rental agencies, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and travel insurance companies. It is required that you comply with our credit card acceptance policies. You should complete this form if you are using your credit card to purchase travel services for yourself or other individuals known to you. Please fully complete and return this form to your travel agent at sublimeXcursions LLC using the instructions provided below. The purpose of this Credit Card Authorization form is to comply with credit card acceptance rules with travel suppliers and to protect you the cardholder, and your travel agent from credit card fraud. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this form, please contact your travel agent at sublimeXcursions LLC.

This form must be completed and signed by the cardholder. sublimeXcursions LLC reserves the right to request additional information from the cardholder. If fraud is suspected, sublimeXcursions LLC reserves the right to deny this transaction.
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    Please contact your credit card company to preauthorize large amounts.
  • You MUST sign using the screen on your mobile device, the mousepad of your laptop or your compuers mouse.

    Forms submitted without a valid signature will be returned.