George Cacioppo
San Diego, California

"George Cacioppo has been pushing innovation in the software engineering and technology industries since 1978. Cacioppo was born in Suffolk County, New York, and spent almost 15 years of his life in the Northeast, but currently resides on the West Coast. His family and he live in the San Diego, California region. Cacioppo has been a visionary throughout his storied career, promoting innovation, continual development, and — most importantly — results. He has continually exhibited expertise in the areas of cloud-based, high-capacity consumer digital commerce, media, and gaming development, operation, and innovation.

Cacioppo started his career as a Software Engineer with Hazeltine Industrial Products Division in Greenlawn, New York in 1978. He produced bespoke code for a range of software programs in this job. George Cacioppo joined Digital Equipment Corporation (USA) as the Engineering Manager in April 1982, after spending four years as a Software Engineer. He efficiently managed the supply of typeface products for X-Windows-based desktop solutions using his significant knowledge from his prior employment. He also developed a number of methods and processes for qualifying and releasing a variety of video terminals, as well as printing items with complicated software.
Adobe's Vice President of Software Development
George Cacioppo was designated Vice President of Software Development for PostScript at Adobe, based on his past expertise dealing with complicated PostScript laser printers. From April 1992 through February 2004, Cacioppo assisted PostScript with strategy, product development, and account growth. In 1984, PostScript was published as the first device-independent Page Description Language (PDL) and programming language, ushering in the Desktop Publishing Revolution. Cacioppo actively contributed to the evolution of PostScript into a best-in-class RIP technology for commercial and office printing solutions during his more than a decade at Adobe. He was in charge of engineering for up to 40 worldwide OEM contracts with a combined turnover of more than $200 million. This required supervising the definition, development, and delivery of critical OEM software components, with a particular emphasis on:

Adobe's world-class quality control standards, strict schedule adherence, and unwavering program functioning.

Cacioppo was also in charge of overseeing specific changes that were necessary to fulfill client needs and shorten time to market. Cacioppo was in charge of the professional development and progress of 160 engineers as the president of an engineering company. For over a decade, George Cacioppo:

Increased income from key clients, expanded account base, shortened product cycle times, improved predictability, and strengthened customer-centric culture.

PalmSource Holdings' Vice President of Engineering
George Cacioppo started as Vice President of Engineering at PalmSource Holding Co in Sunnyvale, California, in March of 2005. Cacioppo had an instant effect at PalmSource Holding after entering the fast-paced world of smartphones and mobile technologies. Cacioppo established a strong, dynamic technical and product management team from the ground up to support the very complicated development of new mobile devices. He was in charge of the deployment of licensed cell phones, smartphones, and mobile devices in particular. Cacioppo was able to: Reduce the time it took for products to reach market in only three years.
Increase the use of Linux-based operating systems.
Create and provide Open Source Linux-based embedded software.
And there's more.

TurboTax's Vice President of Software Engineering
TurboTax is an Intuit Company that is revolutionizing the way people and companies file and prepare their taxes. In March of 2008, George Cacioppo joined the TurboTax team as Vice President of Software Engineering. He was in charge of about 250 product engineers and employees as an organizational leader. He and his team were in charge of TurboTax Online development and operations, as well as desktop products and solutions. Cacioppo's leadership, executive strategy, and vision resulted in more than $1.6 billion in sales, as well as:

Developed a contemporary data platform based on Big Data technology, improved the scalability of TurboTax and other online goods, and increased the dependability of TurboTax and other online products.

Cacioppo used his Palm experience to oversee the delivery of cutting-edge iPhone and tablet devices, earning 4.5-star reviews and attracting digital native consumers. He led many process reengineering initiatives to free up resources for new innovation and reinvestment because of his strong emphasis on strategy, continuous improvement, and process improvements. In 2010, he received the prestigious Intuit CEO Leadership Award for his commitment to excellence.
Sony PlayStation Network's Senior Vice President of Engineering
When George Cacioppo joined Sony Interactive Entertainment's PlayStation Network in 2013, the network was in trouble. One of the first things he did as the new Senior Vice President of Engineering was to stabilize the network. He developed long- and short-term strategic objectives while also employing top people to expand the engineering department. These projects had a key role in:

Attacking technical deficiencies, establishing strong monitoring, forming a rapid incident response team, and resolving long-standing user experience concerns are all on the table.

George Cacioppo was able to entirely minimize maintenance downtime while simultaneously increasing all essential KPIs such as problem resolution time, response time, and availability. Rather of sticking with obsolete, out-of-date data center infrastructures, George Cacioppo moved development to the cloud and instituted programs to boost employee acceptance of new services and technology. He also designed, executed, and introduced a variety of world-class, cutting-edge technologies aimed at boosting PlayStation Network performance and operations. When the COVID-19 epidemic rocked the globe, Cacioppo's foresight put the PlayStation Network in the best possible position to handle the tremendous surge in demand caused by stay-at-home orders. Cacioppo received the Sony Group Technology Award in 2021 for his outstanding leadership and imaginative qualities."
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