CAMTS Accident, Incident and Sentinel Event Report
The purpose of this report is to notify CAMTS about an aircraft or ambulance accident/incident within 30 days of their occurrence. Please attach a copy of the CONCERN form (if submitted), NASA report (if filed), Preliminary NTSB Report, and any reports of local law enforcement (e.g., police department, sheriff’s department, fire department, etc.) as well as the report sent to the Joint Commission if a Sentinel event occurred.
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  • The undersigned understands and acknowledges that, to the extent the Accident or Sentinel Event involved a fatality, CAMTS will require a supplemental Site Survey /Monitoring Visit or Reaccreditation Site Survey. The date and time of said visit is at the sole discretion of CAMTS, and may occur at any time within six (6) months of the Accident and may be unannounced. The undersigned further agrees and acknowledges that, in the event of a fatal Accident or Sentinel Event resulting in a death , the program will immediately be placed Under Review status, as defined in Policy 04.01.00(c), until the supplemental Site Survey/Monitoring Visit/ Reaccreditation Site Survey is completed and the findings are reviewed by the Board.