Church Facility Request Form
For Zion Ministry Sponsored Events Only
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  • The purpose of this field is to help us communicate to other members and our community what is happening at Zion. Please be specific about who is invited, what you will be doing, and/ or why you are having this event. Imagine you are selling your event to an outsider. Thank you!
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  • (Optional) If your event is reoccurring, please specify with a description of repeats or a list of dates. (i.e. "First Tuesday of each month through April 7.")
  • Facilities requested for this event.

    Please choose the most appropriate space(s) for your event from the lists below:
  • Reservations for school spaces will be subject to school approval.
  • Facility Security

    In order to keep our facilities and those using them safe, Zion has installed a key card system on our entry doors. Doors will remain locked before all events. One attendee should acquire a keycard from the church office through which initial entry to the church can be accessed. After this initail entry, the doors will remain unlocked for a scheduled period of time. Please indicate your needs below:
  • If a member of your group does not already have a key card issued to them, a temporary card may be signed out through the church office to the person named above. All temporary key cards should be returned to the church office after use.
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  • PLEASE NOTE that if you require the doors to be open throughout the event, you agree to have someone monitor the building until the doors are locked to ensure that the building remains secure.
  • Additional Needs

    Please note that set-up and clean-up are the responsibility of those using our facilities.