Critique Images
This evening will be for members to enter their PDI images for critique and feedback without it affecting their league scores. You may enter images anonymously for critique on 30th May by club members. Don’t be shy, it will be anonymous so this is a good opportunity to get feedback on images that you are not sure about or think are maybe not strong enough to enter in club competitions.

Your images should be no larger than 1600 pixels wide or 1200 pixels tall (whichever is the greater), be in sRGB colour space and saved as a JPEG.

Title_Name.jpg e.g Mountains and Lakes_Name.jpg

(Note: Your name will not be shown on the evening.)

You will receive a confirmation email if your images have been received ok. Our system will then check to see if your file titles are correct, if they are not acceptable you will get an email asking you to re-submit.

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    Click submit entry ONCE ONLY and wait for the confirmation that your files have been uploaded