Bronze - Alex: Burial Package At-Need
Thank You for selecting Edwards Funeral Service to serve your family. Our burial package includes everything needed from the funeral home, here is a listing of "Outside Expenses" that need to be considered. The Funeral Home can add these to the Funeral Statement and take care of these items for you, or you can choose to handle each item directly.
  • Outside Cash Advance items to consider

    Please select the additional items that you will need from our Funeral Director or wish our Funeral Director to assist you with.
  • Please select the number of Certified Death Certificates that you would like the Funeral Home to purchase for you.
  • Please select a Floral price point for the Spray that sits on top of the casket if desired
  • $ .
    Please enter an amount that you want the Funeral Director to provide to the Clergy from the family
  • Please let us know the name of the Cemetery where the burial will occur
  • $ .
    This is the fee that the cemetery will charge to open & close the grave. Enter 0 if this has already been paid
  • Please let us know if you desire for the Funeral Director to schedule Limo transportation for the Funeral.
  • $ .
    Enter a dollar figure that you would like to allocate to publishing the obit in the Newspaper
  • Purchaser Information:

    Please provide your information as purchaser and legal next-of-kin
  • Please enter the mailing address of the Legal Next of Kin
  • Please enter your Email address
  • - -
    Please enter your phone number so that one of our Funeral Director's can get in touch with you if needed.
  • What is the Legal Next of Kin's relationship to the decedent
  • Decedent's Information

    This information will be used to generate the Death Certificate for the Doctor's signature
  • Please enter the complete name for the Deceased
  • Please enter the last residential address of the deceased.
  • / /
    Please enter the date of BIRTH for the decedent
  • City, State - Decedent's Place of Birth
  • / /
    Please enter the date of DEATH for the decedent
  • Please enter the Social Security Number for the decedent
  • Please enter the gender of the decedent
  • Please select the Race of the Decedent
  • Please list decedent's martial status at the time of their death.
  • If Married, Please enter the name of the Spouse
  • If Married, Please enter the maiden name for the wife
  • Please enter the decedent's fathers name.
    Unknown is a valid choice if name is not known
  • Please enter the decedent's mothers name
    Unknown is a valid choice if name is not known
  • Please enter mother's maiden name
    Unknown is a valid choice if name is not known
  • Enter the decedent's highest level of education attained
  • Please describe the type of work decedent performed the majority of their working years
    Unknown is a valid option if Occupation is not known.
  • Please describe the Industry of occupation
    Unknown is a valid option if not known.
  • Was the decedent ever in the U.S. Military?
  • Do you have a legible copy of the Military Discharge document (Routinely called a DD214)
  • Please upload a copy of the DD214 Discharge if available
  • / /
    Date of entry into the Military
  • / /
    Date of discharge from active duty military