Falcon Pointe HOA Approval Request Form
Architectural Control Review
Application For Committee Improvement
  • Click on the link below for a digital copy of the Covenants, Bylaws & Rules:

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    Must Receive written approval by the AC prior to installation date. The HOA has 30 days to review all requests.
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  • example: 100 Falcon Pointe
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  • A copy should have been provided at the time of closing. Please reach out to your Title Company and/or Realtor to request a copy.
  • Upload file(s) pdf, doc, docx
  • Provide Complete Description of Improvements (attach additional page if necessary)
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    Satellite dishes must be located in the most discreet location. All dishes installations are to be located on the rear of the home and out of plain view from the street.

    If your dish absolutely cannot be installed in the rear of the home, please contact the Advisory Committee to approve the location of your dish prior to installation.

    Play structures (playsets), swimming pools, tennis courts, and other permanent structures must be approved in writing by the advisory committee prior to installation. All structures and equipment must be in the rear of the home. Approval will be granted based on the style and location of the structure.

    In-ground Basketball goals are prohibited. Portable goals are permitted on the property. Portable goals are required to be stored out of sight from the street when not currently in use. Portable goals are not allowed at street-side, in cul-de-sacs, or on roadways or sidewalks.

    No statue, fountain, flag pole, or other non-living adornment or decoration may be permitted without prior consent from the Advisory Committee.

    The planting of Trees is encouraged. However, the Advisory Committee must approve the location of all trees before planting. To help ensure that the tree(s) at maturity will not harm or otherwise negatively impact the roadways, sidewalks, sightlines, or adjoining properties. It is the resident's responsibility to maintain proper maintenance at all times.

    Fences are permitted in the rear of the property, but must be approved in writing by the Advisory Committee prior to installation. Fences must be 5 feet tall and made of natural wood or black Aluminum. Chain link fences are prohibited.

    To obtain approval, please provide the Advisory Committee the following:

    1. Drawing or Lot Survey showing the dimensions of the fence and where it attaches to the home. (Fences are to be located in the rear of the home)
    2. Description of the fence from the fence installer/Homeowner.
    3. Fence Height, Style, Color and Material.
  • NOTE

    Prerequisites, to have consideration for approval, and prior to beginning the alteration or improvement work. A complete set of plans and specifications must be submitted to the Committee. Upon giving written approval, construction shall be started and prosecuted to completion promptly, and in strict conformity with such plans and specification. Committee shall be entitled to stop any construction in violation of these restrictions and any such exterior alteration made without application having first been made and Approval obtained as provided above. Shall be deemed to be in violation of this covenant and may be required to be restored to the Original condition at Owner’s cost.