REGISTRATION - Public Policy Analysis Course 2021
To greatly improve the public's understanding and participation in promoting free enterprise policies, the Nkafu Policy Institute at the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation has designed a special one-week intensive training course to equip leaders with policy analysis skills.

Course Benefits:
- Training is limited to twenty-six (26) young scholars Cameroonians, both male and female
- Participants shall also be engaged with the different policy departments at the Nkafu Policy Institute throughout the training period.
- They shall focus, amongst other things, on carrying out research to educate the public on the benefits of a free enterprise system in Cameroon, through newspaper articles and short policy papers.
- One (1) successful participants will be recruited to join Nkafu in promoting economic freedom

Duration & Location
The training shall run for 5 days from 15th February 2021 to 19th February 2021. It shall take Online on the Zoom platform.

  • If currently unemployed enter "None". If currently a student enter "Student".
  • This fee will only be paid if you are selected for the course