Nationwide Barcode Support
In order to best serve you, please enter all information below. We will respond via email quickly.
  • Prepurchase Question.

    Be sure that you have read our tutorial here, first.
  • Order Barcode Graphics

    If you already own your UPC, EAN or ISBN numbers and need graphics from those numbers:

  • Vendor Issues

    We state throughout our website that the following retailers require a direct relationship with the GS1: Walmart, Kroger, JC Penney's and Macy's/Bloomingdales. These 4 super-big box retailers will not take UPCs from 3rd party providers and will only accept your having a direct relationship with the GS1. Please reread our tutorial and/or Terms and Conditions

    Amazon - if you are listing a name brand item or are using Amazon's EDI system, their current requirement is that you need either the original manufacturer UPC or need a direct relationship with the GS1.

    If you are having any other issues, please continue to complete the support ticket.
  • Resend Link to Download UPCs

    In order for us to locate your order, we need to know the exact name on your certificate of authenticity and the email address that you used to place your order.
  • Barcode Labels and Tags

    We recommend Pacific Barcode Label Printing Solutions for all of your product and barcode labels.

    27531 Enterprise Circle, West
    Temecula, CA 92590

  • Downloading from the links

    The easiest way to download your materials (certificate, spreadsheet and zipped files) is to right click on them with your mouse and then "SAVE LINK AS"
  • Downloading Issues

    Please respond back with the email address that you used for the order and we will research and respond shorty.
  • Error Message or Declined Card``

    Nationwide Barcode uses as a payment gateway and we ONLY take payments via our website.

    Declined cards are typically because of an address mismatch between what you have entered and what the back either has or thinks they have on file. If you get this error message more than once and you know that your information is correct and there is no problem with your credit card, you may want to try paying via PayPal and select the credit card option.
  • Where to Buy UPCs

    Look at the top of the page where the menu bar is located and click on ORDER BARCODES.
  • Zipped Files

    If you are on a Windows based PC, after you save the zipped folder to your computer, RIGHT CLICK on the folder and extract the files.
  • Download Links

    The Download Links are in blue at the bottom of the 'Thank You' page. If you do not see them, please double check that your payment went through...and then, notify us.
  • Smartphones

    If your UPCs are not showing up in Red Laser, Shop Savvy, etc., you will need to upload your data files to their database. This is not an automated process.
  • Redownload Barcodes

    Please let us know the name that was on the certificate of authenticity, the approximate date of purchase and the email address that you used to place your order.
  • Amazon

    Please let us know what the issue is. We understand that the customer service reps at Amazon are clueless and don't care about their customers...we do. Let us know the issue and we will do all we can to help sort this out.
  • Amazon - Duplicates

    Sometimes there are people who make up numbers that coincidentally are the same numbers that you own. Please let us know what the EXACT ISSUE is including the UPC number that is duplicated. We will get back to you with a resolution
  • Printing UPCs

    We have several videos on printing UPCs.

  • Retailers and UPCs

    We have identified 4 big-box retailers that will not accept UPCs from UPC resellers which include Walmart, Kroger, JC Penney's and Macy's and Bloomingdales. To do business with these retailers you MUST HAVE a prefix directly from the GS1.
  • GS1 Listing

    Should you go to the GS1/GEPIR website and look up the UPC/EAN, the returned value will be the original trade name associated with that prefix. The GS1/GEPIR is returning the information for the prefix and not the number.
  • Shipping Container Codes

    To Order

  • Please supply us with the beginning UPC or EAN numbers.
  • For us to help you, we need specific information...please let us know what you need. Thanks
  • Please let us know what UPCs/EANs you are having an issue with.
  • If possible, please take a screenshot of the issue and supply to us. You may add multiple files
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