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  • Dog Application for Foster Home Care

    Thank you for your interest in fostering a dog. So that we may find the right home for the right dog, we ask that you answer the following questions as completely as possible.

  • *Applicants must live within 300 Miles of Las Vegas, NV.
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  • Household

  • Dwelling Information

  • Personal Reference Information

  • Full Name & Telephone #
    Full Name & Telephone #


    I understand and agree to all information provided to me in my application process. If the animal I foster is on medication I will continue the medication as directed. I will not let the animal out loose by itself. If during the time I am fostering the animal it requires medical attention I will contact the Foster Me of California first unless it is an emergency. I understand the foster animal is the property of Foster Me and will not sell, trade or dispose of the animal. I understand the importance of my own animals being up-to-date on all standard vaccinations and have provided Foster Me with a current shot record for each one.
  • I understand that anyone interested in adopting my foster dog, cat, puppies or kittens (including myself) must go through the standard adoption process, and approval of candidates and placement of animals is up to Foster Me (Of course we welcome your referrals PLEASE!)
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