HC Event Approval Request
If you are organising any sort of event in school, you need to complete this form. Only the event organiser should complete this form and it should not be completed on anybody else's behalf.

The details you provide here will be sent to all parties who may be affected and your request will then go to SLT for approval. This will all happen automatically and after submitting this form you should wait until you receive an email informing you of whether your event has been approved and any next steps you need to take. This may take hours, days or weeks depending on the nature of your event.

Please do not finalise any contracts, travel arrangements or make any purchases in relation to this event until it has been approved by SLT.
  • Please use this space to provide a more detailed description of the event and any basic requirements if you know them at this stage.
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  • If your event is repeated over a number of sessions or days you can include this information here rather than completing a seperate form for each repeat event.
  • You must check resource booker and the management planner before submitted this request
  • Please indicate which of the above areas will be required for your event. Don't worry if you don't know details at this stage - just an initial indication of who/what may be involved is fine. That said, if you do already have an idea of what you need, it would be useful to include this information in the description field above.
  • Please give details of what costs may be incurred to run this event (eg. catering, janitorial overtime, equipment hire, etc.). It is unlikely you will know any specific cost at this stage, but an indication of what may be involved would be helpful.