Kalev Pugi Fund Application

-Participants have until August 21st to submit their application.


- Candidates must be playing under the Canadian flag (as shown on the FIDE website).
- Candidates shall not receive a bursary two years in a row.
- Candidates must be aged under 18 years old as of July 1st.
- The application must be used to help offset travel costs associated with a chess competition.
- The competition must have been held in the last 365 days (between July 1st 2019 and June 30 2020).
- Candidates must have played in at least 5 CFC rated games in the past 365 days.

Process :

- An online form will be made available during the application period. Applicants shall also be given the opportunity to apply through the CFC office.

Criteria :

- Bursaries will be allocated according to the following criteria :
o Player’s ranking for his/her age group
o Recent results
o Motivations to participate in the event
o Calibre of the event
o Title/norm possibilities
o Financial need

- In the past, annual income of the Pugi Fund was divided to fund equal bursaries of roughly $300, awarded to different eligible Canadian players. The committee reserve the right to fund more/less bursaries depending on the applicant pool.
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