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  • If you have been recommended by a friend please put their name here
  • Inspire Guide Change is a provider of the NCS programme in Cambridgeshire and must have access to Cambridge for weeks 3 & 4.
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  • Requires other special considerations (please specify above):
  • Please note your child does not have to be a competent swimmer to take part in NCS
  • You must declare all information - it will not stop your child from gaining a place but will allow us to
    keep them safe.

    Please enter details of any other medical conditions, dietary requirements or allergies here:
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    Piriton/Chlorophenamine (to address allergies)
  • Contributions

    The total cost of the NCS programme and residential is over £1,000. We ask parents/guardians to contribute £50 for courses towards this cost. There is no payment required if your child is entitled to Free School Meals, or was entitled when in secondary school.
  • Please send cheques to PO BoX 316, Ely, CB7 9FS
  • Bursaries

    Bursaries can be accessed in some cases to cover the cost of the contribution and the costs of accessing the programme e.g. if your child requires appropriate clothing to take part in outdoor activities. In particular, we will consider bursary applications from participants who are teen parents, not living with their parents, have caring responsibilities or those who do not have a parent/guardian who works.
  • No refund policy

    No refunds are available for cancellations or non-attendance, unless under exceptional circumstances.
  • Publicity and Media Statement

    Throughout NCS participants take part in activities that support their personal development and promote community engagement. Occasionally staff, media and young people themselves record these activities using photographs or video. This content may be used to promote or champion the good work of NCS and its participants via newspapers, websites, social networks or other suitable promotional media. By taking part in NCS and not informing us otherwise, we assume both NCS participants and their parents/guardians accept that their image, video and comments may be used in public print, web use, display or broadcast. Any photos or videos used will be positive, and we are happy to share with you any media published. All images and footage is kept securely and will not be used for any other purposes than those stated above.
  • Code of Conduct

    By completing and signing this application form both parent and applicant agree to the rules below: • NCS participants are expected to take part in all programmed activities. • Participants are not allowed to leave the residential or other site without permission from their Group Leader. • Participants are expected to follow any emergency procedure, such as a fire drill, as directed by their Team Leader or other staff involved in the NCS programme. • Participants are not allowed in other people’s rooms or tents. • There is a no alcohol policy throughout all elements of the NCS programme. • The possession, sale, purchase or use of any illegal substances is strictly forbidden. • NCS participants should not involve themselves in dangerous activities that will cause injury to themselves, other NCS participants or staff. • No one should engage in abusive or anti-social behaviour towards other participants or staff.
  • Personal Belongings Statement

    I understand that each young person on the NCS remains responsible for their own property, clothing, and valuables and that neither the NCS Provider or Reed in Partnership Limited shall be held responsible for any loss, damage, or destruction which occurs to any such property, clothing, or valuables during the course of this programme.
  • Travel and Collections Statement

    It is the responsibility of the NCS Participant to travel to and from meeting points where transport has been pre-arranged and to travel directly to and from agreed venues where transport is not pre-arranged. Where transport has not been prearranged NCS Participants will be allowed to leave venues without collection and during the course of the activities NCS Participants may be required to undertake travel unsupervised, either by foot or by public transport.
  • Information Update Statement

    I will advise the NCS Staff, in writing, of any changes to information on this form prior to starting NCS.
  • Privacy Policy

    The information you have provided will be held on computerised and paper-based systems that you may access under the terms of the Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1988. By agreeing to us storing your name and contact information, you are agreeing for it to be shared and used by the Cabinet Office, NCS contractors and their sub contractors, NCS strategic partners, fraud detection agencies, and other organisations that support the delivery of NCS now or in the future. The information you give us may be used to contact you about your NCS application, graduate opportunities, events, research, promotions, competitions, and press and communications activity related to NCS. Our full privacy policy can be viewed at You can withdraw your consent by contacting
  • Attendance Policy

    NCS has a limited amount of places. Each NCS place receives funding of over £1000 from the government. If young people give up their place close to the start of programme the place can be very difficult to re-fill, meaning wasted government funds and wasted opportunities for young people. Please help us by agreeing to the pledge below:

    I will do everything I can to ensure I am able to fully complete my NCS Programme. If I cannot take part I will let my NCS provider know at least one month in advance.
  • Permission

    By signing below, you have read and accepted all of the above statements.
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