Critical Diet Information v1.3
Please note all special diets incur a surcharge of:
$8.80 per day (full time guest)
$2.20 per meal( day visitor)
  • We will use this if we required further information
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  • Please list in detail your dietary restrictions, either by clearly stating the limited foods you can eat OR the restrictions on food you cannot eat, whichever is easiest to describe your diet.

    If you require specific food brands, please list these, with the understanding that an extra cost will apply.
  • Please give as much information as possible
  • Please give as much information as possible
  • If you have more information or suitable recipes that you think would be of assistance, please feel free to upload them.
  • Please note that Camp Clayton reserves the right to advise that they are
    unable to cater for any special diet. When assessing your request, the Chef will contact you if we are unable to meet the requirements of your diet.

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