Junior Olympic Fencing Championship Petition
This form does not constitute an entry form. In order to participate in the Junior Olympic Fencing Championship, you must register online or fill out and send the Junior Olympic Fencing Championship Entry Form to the USA Fencing National Office. Your entry remains pending until a decision is reached on your petition.
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Petition Procedures
Petition Form
  • Petition Procedures

    In exceptional cases, subject to approval by the USA Fencing Board of Directors or its designee, a member of the USA Fencing in good standing may be permitted to qualify to the Junior Olympic Fencing Championships by petition. No petition may contravene the results of a qualifying competition – a fencer who has fenced in the qualifying competition without withdrawing due to valid medical reasons cannot then petition to disregard or override those results.

    The following criteria and procedures are applicable to filing a petition:

    A petition may be filed by a fencer who qualified (by means of competition or petition) to that same competition in the prior season or whose competitive record during the current fencing season indicates a strong possibility that the athlete would have qualified had they been able to compete in the qualifying competition but:

    1. Was unable to compete in the qualifying competitions this season, OR
    2. Did compete and had to withdraw because of a disabling injury or illness.

    (Note: Mere attendance at an out-of-town school during the qualifying competition shall not constitute inability to compete.)

    Athletes may only submit a petition for events that qualify through the division and the athlete has not competed in a regional competition.

    All petitions must be made online through this form. Under no circumstances will petitions be accepted if received after the entry deadline for the Championships.

    Here are some examples of petition and their dispositions:
    A. If a fencer is injured or becomes ill while competing in a qualifying competition and does not withdraw on a medical basis, the result stands and there is NO petition. It is better not to fence and get medical documentation or to withdraw and ask the bout committee for a written statement verifying the medical withdrawal. That statement or medical documentation must be submitted with the petition.
    B. Petitions will not be considered for the case in which fencer is attending school in another division. Division membership is determined by where one lives, or goes to school, or the location of the club that fencer represents in competition. When USFA membership is renewed, the fencer must state the Division to be assigned based on these criteria. That is one’s Division for the year and the one from which one can qualify to Championship tournaments.
    C. The Division scheduled the qualifying competition on the same weekend as a NAC, regional, or other tournament. (Divisions try to avoid such conflicts but it may not always be possible.) The fencer must decide in which competition(s) he or she wishes to compete. A petition will not be approved if the fencer decides to fence in the NAC, regional, or other tournament rather than the qualifying competition.
    D. Petitions will not be accepted due to qualifying fields being adjusted due to the removal of ineligible fencers in the competition.

    The petition must be accompanied by:
    • A non refundable fee of $100.00, payable to USA FENCING; this will be charged via PayPal at the completion of the online process.
    • A written statement that gives the specific details of the dates, reason for absence or withdrawal, and other pertinent facts. Written notice from the attending physician and/or statement from the Bout Committee must substantiate any medical reasons if the medical reason required withdrawal from the qualifying competition.
    • A summary of the fencer's significant competitive results during the past year. In particular, results in previous National Championships and recent North American Cup (NAC) competitions should be noted. (Example: top 64 international, top 8 in a USFA NAC/Championship, top 16 at a ROC, top 24 at an SYC)
    • A completed online entry for the Junior Olympic Fencing Championships with a receipt indicating entry was submitted online (if registration is open for the Championship). If the petition is not approved, the event fees associated with the entry will be refunded.
    • Responses to the petition will be made via e-mail.

    Petitions that do not meet these requirements will not be considered.

    Decisions on petitions will be based upon the validity of reasons given for absence or withdrawal and the probability that the fencer would have qualified had they competed in the qualifying competition to its conclusion, based on results achieved in other competitions in that season. If a fencer is permitted to enter the Junior Olympic Fencing Championships or USA Fencing National Championship competition by this petition procedure, the fencer’s entry will in no way affect the number of qualifiers from the Division involved.

    Petitions are processed in 1-2 weeks.
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