Passport Workshops 2014-2015
IMPORTANT: If you have not already registered for the Passport to Leadership Program, please do so by completing the Passport to Leadership Registration Form FIRST, before signing up for workshops on this form.
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  • Please check each of the workshops you would like to attend below.

    Please remember that you will need to enroll in three "Core" workshops and four "Elective" workshops- each elective workshop needs to be from a different category (Diversity, Communications, Organizational, and Career).

  • Core workshops

    Select three.
  • Elective workshops

    Select one workshop under each catergory.
  • The first hour of each workshop will cover the "basics" of the workshop topic and the second hour of each workshop will be considered the "extension" of the workshop topic where participants will do more "hands on" activities. It is required for Passport Participants to attend the FULL 2 hours of each workshop.

    If you have any questions, please contact Tiffany Hamilton, Coordinator of Student Engagement via email (