How to Measure for a Fitted Sheet for Your Bed

Are you tired of purchasing wrong fitted bed sheets? Everyone is.

Even though beds are made according to its standard sizes, such as single, full, double, queen, and king sizes, it is still a fact that there are several cases that your bed sheets would tangle, slide, and even end up on the floor. Worst is when you unthinkably bought a bed sheet that is small for the bed and you have to exert too much effort to forcefully fill in the mattress with the bed sheet you have bought, only to find out in the morning, the bed sheet is all tangled on top of the bed, leaving the mattress naked.

To help you out in choosing the right bedding online for your bed, here are some effective tips on how to measure for a fitted sheet for your bed:

Tip#1: Know what you are measuring

Even though you have been told that the bed you have bought is a queen-sized bed, you should never trust them when purchasing beddings. If you want to sleep on smooth and perfectly-fitted bedding, you have to follow these steps when measuring a bed:

•    Strip off the bed’s current beddings.
•    Grab a pen, paper, and a retractable measuring tape.
•    Measure the bed from top to bottom and from left to right.
•    Write down each measurement to ensure you won’t forget them.

Tip #2: Determine the size of your bed

Beds have standard sizes, however, when it comes to international mattress size measurement, the US, UK, Europe, and Asia has their own way of mattresses or bed sheets. So, when purchasing bed sheets in Australia, you have to follow the Australian bed and mattress sizes.

In Australia, there are seven available mattress sizes, these are as follows:

•    Single bed – Measures 92 cm x 187 cm.
•    Single Extra Long Size – Measures 92 cm x 203 cm.
•    King Single Size – Measures 106 cm x 203 cm.
•    Double Size – Measures 137 cm x 187 cm.
•    Queen Size – Measures 153 cm x 203 cm.
•    King Size – Measures 183 cm x 203 cm.
•    Super King Size – Measures 203 cm x 203 cm.

Tip #3: Determine the size of the fitted beddings

If you are to purchase beddings online, it has to be from a trusted Australian online retailer for beddings and accessories at this website. Also, when purchasing the right beddings, you have to determine its right size through the following sizes:

•    Single bed – Fitted sheet should be 91 x 193 cm + 40 cm in depth. Flat sheets, on the other hand, should be 190 x 255 cm.

•    King single bed – Fitted sheet should be 107 x 203 cm + 40 cm in depth. Flat sheets must be 210 x 265 cm.

•    Double bed – Fitted sheet should be 137 x 193 cm + 40 cm in depth. Flat sheets, on the other hand, must be 245 x 255 cm.

•    Queen-sized bed – For fitted sheets, it should be 152 x 203 cm + 40 cm in depth. Flat sheets should be on 245 x 255 cm.

•    King-sized bed – For fitted sheets, 182 x 203 cm + 40 cm in depth. Flat sheets, 290 x 270 cm.

After choosing the right bed cover size, you may now choose your favorite bed cover design, which you may click here.

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