NYTPS Free Lending Library
Assessment Request Form
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    Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-Revised Guide (ABBLS-R)
    Assessment of Functional Living Skills Guide (AFLS)
    Brigance CBIS II Mathematics
    Brigance CBIS II Reading/ELA
    Brigance CIBS II Standardized
    Day C-2- Manual Only
    The Big Book of ABA Programs (Accompanies ABBLS-R)
    Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program Manual (VBMAPP)
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    AFLS- Independent Living Skills Assessment
    AFLS- School Skills Assessment
    AFLS- Vocational Skills Assessment
    Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-Revised testing materials Protocol (ABBLS-R)
    Assessment of Functional Living Skills Protocol (AFLS)
    Brigance CIBS II Reading/ELA/Mathematics
    Brigance CIBS II Standardized
    Day C-2 Pamphlet Packet
    Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program Assessment Protocol (VBMAPP)
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    Name of Child
    Name of Child
    Name of Child
  • Lending Library Agreement

    Provider Eligibility:
    Teacher must be an active provider with a caseload with no less than 5 hours per week.
    Teacher must be in good standing with NYTPS, and willing to be an active participant in the lending library system.
    We expect cooperation to sustain this opportunity for you
    All providers are required to complete assessments for their students. It's part of your job responsibility.

    Terms of Use:
    Many of the available assessments come with both Guidebooks (for provider’s reference) and Protocols (scored specifically with the student). You may order a set (guidebook and protocol) or just (protocol) or (guide) for use with your student. You may also order multiple protocols if you serve multiple students. These protocols will be sent to you pre-labeled with the students name. Provider must indicate which student the assessment is assigned to.

    Once your order is received, your order will be processed, the requested assessment materials will be mailed to the address provided above. If you made an error on your order, simply call the main office at 718-264-1640 and speak to Stephanie Deshommes.

    Protocols will be sent to you for specific student(s) and will be labeled with their names. You will write assessment results in the actual protocol.
    Protocols will be sent with the required return date

    Instructions for Returns:
    Protocol sheets should be copied, and kept with your student files.
    Protocols and Guides are due back within 45 days from your rental date. (Subject to change based on demand, or assessment period)
    Reminders via email and phone provided above within 10 days of the expected return date.

    Please mail or drop off books at the following address:
    500 Bi County Blvd
    Suite 114
    Farmingdale, NY 11735
    Phone: 718-264-1640
    Fax: 718-484-0530

    Fees and Penalties:

    Books must be returned in good condition
    Provider is responsible for cost associated with shipping the items back to the main office, by their due dates back to the main office. Provider is also responsible for any cost associated with electronic submission of assessment results.

    Provider is responsible for the full cost of each book, plus a $25.00 re-stocking fee (per book) if:
    the book (s) are lost or stolen
    there is considerable damage rendering the book(s) unusable
    the book (s) is not returned by the due dates, and all considerable

    If terms and conditions are not met, provider will relinquish the privilege of participation in the assessment lending program and may be