• Teen Center Code of Conduct

     I will be inclusive
     I will conduct myself with dignity
     I will respect other teens, staff and volunteers
     I will respect everything in the Teen Center
     I will be kind
     I will act responsibly
     I will wear appropriate attire
     I will be open-minded
     I will abide by the hands-off policy
     I will comply with all Teen Center rules
     I will be truthful
  • Prohibited

     No drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco use
     No drug paraphernalia
     No weapons
     No violent behavior
     No vandalism
     No stealing
     No bullying, cyberbullying, and/or isolating another member
     No destructive behavior
     No Loitering
     No swearing, profanity and vulgarity
     No sexual harassment
     No skateboards, rollerblades, roller-skates, skate shoes(“heelies”), bicycles, and/or mopeds in the Teen Center