Track Level Info
This is the 3rd of 3 submission forms you will fill out to get your music distributed through ADED.US. This form helps us gather information about the individual tracks on your music project.

This submission form is set up to acquire information for up to 19 tracks. If you have less than 19 tracks, then fill out information for the tracks you have and keep hitting the "Next Page" button (on the bottom left) until you reach the "Track 19" page. Then click the "Submit" button to finish.
  • We will send a copy of this completed form to the e-mail address you put in the box above
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    Pricing can only be adjusted on ADED.US and BandCamp listings. All other stores have their own pricing models.

    You can put whatever price you want to sell your project for here. But, just remember, usually people sell each song for $1.

    Since we are a U.S.A. based company, all prices must be in USD.

    If you sell a song for $1 on ADED.US, you will get 57ยข sent directly to your Paypal account within 3 business days.
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