RISING STARS AWARD Educator Nomination Form
Infinite Music™ Rising Stars is a music-merit award program granting private music lessons which emphasize preparation, courage, critical thinking, and perseverance while providing an invaluable opportunity for students to improve their instrumental or vocal skills. This award is available to students that are enrolled in 6th–11th grades (public middle and high schools).

Who can nominate? See below.

There is no cost to apply; this award is fully funded by Infinite Music. Each year, award amounts are based on the endowment and grant dollars available.
  • Rising Stars™ Program Goals

    • Provide financial support for individual or small group instrumental/vocal lessons.
    • Improve recipient’s musical proficiency and the associated benefits of music.
    • Foster musical interest and enhance lifelong learning.
    • Create the opportunity for peer mentorship.
    • Participate in a performance opportunity.
  • Student Nominee Criteria

    • Student must be between 11 and 18 years of age and enrolled in 6th–11th grades by January 1, 2023.
    • Student must have and maintain a 2.0 grade point average.
    • Students must show proficiency and dedication to advancing in their chosen instrument (all band instruments including voice and strings).
    • Student currently must not be receiving private music lessons.
    • Student must be a resident of San Luis Obispo County.
  • Who Can Nominate

    • Public school teachers and music teachers, counselors, administrators, and youth organization educators.
    • Nominator may not be the recipient of lesson funds.
  • Form Instructions

    • Rising Stars™ Nomination Deadline: December 5, 2022, 12 midnight.
    • Please enter student information in the form fields directed below. One form per student. Form fields noted with a red asterisk are required information.
    • Nominators may nominate more than one student, up to ten.
    • Please note these are nominations only and not a guarantee of selection or award. Nominations will be reviewed by the IM Rising Stars Selection Committee; awarded recipients and their parent/guardian will receive notification in December 2022.
    • Questions? Contact Infinite Music, 1-888-285-5893, ext. 4 or email support@infinitemusic.org
  • If none or unknown, write "none."
  • Their contact information, if available, will expedite the nomination process.
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  • Please describe why you believe this student is deserving of this award.

  • Nominator Contact Information

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  • To learn more about Infinite Music, please visit our website, InfiniteMusic.org. Our Rising Stars Selection Committee will review nomination forms in November and we will notify you if any additional information is required, and if your student(s) have been selected to receive a Rising Stars Award. A complete list of the Rising Stars Award Rules and Policies is available at InfiniteMusic.org/rising-stars-program.

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