Commission: Design My Character!

This form is only for designing a character from scratch
and/or designing an original outfit for an existing character
✦ The price starts at 50$ to design your character via roughs.
✦ After that I will charge per hour* to complete the line art, in which payment will be required before colors, as usual.
✦ Prices adjust based on complexity of design and outfit. [ie. wearing a full suit of armor/sword/shield will cost extra] Please be aware that commissions of this type can be over $100!
✦ I do offer a 'let me 100% design the outfit' option that has a higher starting fee [$80]. Keep in mind that the fee releases the design to you for your use in future works if you so wish.
DO NOT fill this form if you do not intend to pay that kind of amount!

✦ Please fill in the form to the best of your ability.
✦ Failure to supply me with adequate information/reference to the look/appearance of your character [either in image or writing] may result in me not accepting your commission request.
[This of course doesn't pertain to if you wish for me to design the character and/or outfit.]
✦ I will [try to] respond to all inquiries within one day of submitting.

Thank you for your interest!
I can't wait to work with you in crafting your character! ♥

*my hourly fee is roughly 10~16 dollars an hour.
  • What would you like me to call you?
    Oddly I cannot erase the option for a last name, so just put something in there... Like; your preferred pronoun?
    [Feel free to use an alias.]
  • My reply will be sent from a Gmail account.
    Please ensure you do not block/spam Gmail accounts.
  • Your PayPal email address; to where I send the invoice.
    [Type "Same" if it's the same as your Email address.]
  • So I can link you accordingly.
    [If you do not want me to publicly link to you let me know.]
  • Physical Character Details

    Please be as descriptive as possible when filling out the information below.
    Pertaining to colors, if you cannot describe them exactly feel free to link to the pantone color or an image of the color that best fits it.
    ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
    Skip this section if you only want me to design the outfit of your character!
    [But still please supply me with reference~]
  • If you have a Tumblr, RP, Wiki, or whatnot page about your character so I can get a better idea about them.
  • So I have an idea of their general physique.
  • How tall the character is.
  • Or describe body type; gaunt, fit, chubby, etc.
  • And any hair detail, like "has white streaks".
  • Straight, wavy, viking-style, birds nest, etc.
  • Solid color, faded due to cataracts, maybe they're blind?
  • Slanted, rounded, almond, large, small, beady, etc.
  • Rounded, emerald, long, squat, etc.
  • ... and if they have tan lines, discoloration, etc.
  • ... like freckles, scars, etc.
  • If the character 'looks' like anyone alive, dead, or fiction.
  • Character's Clothing/Armor/Etc

    Please be as descriptive as possible on what you'd like the character to be wearing.
    Links are greatly appreciated if you would like me to base the design on an existing design [yet not an exact replica].
    Keep in mind that outfits 100% designed by me are charged a higher flat fee.
  • [If you select the first option, please skip to the last question on the form, DO NOT fill anything else out!]
  • Be as descriptive as possible of all aspects of the outfit to the best of your ability. If you have links to designs that you would like for me to reference please link them!
    [along with any changes you'd like for me to do.]
  • Give me a general idea of what you want your character wearing so I can design accordingly. Examples include;
    ✦ hip teen outfit you'd buy from Target.
    ✦ sci-fi body suit with wires and led lights.
    ✦ a well tailored suit made of silk with a cummerbund.
    ✦ a high-fashion gown made of sequin and lace.
    ✦ fantasy tunic made of leather with gold embelisshments
    ✦ full suit of armor with giant shoulder guards and spikes!

    Please keep in mind the more vague you are the less detail there will be. I will not add more than you describe to me because of the hourly-rate I charge for this service.
    If you want me to add lots of baubles and bling please let me know ahead of time so I can embellish with glee!

    [Due to the nature of this option I will not alter any design for review that I submit to you, even during initial roughs.]
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