2022-23 Web/Marketing Request Form
Note: for use of IAA board members, solo exhibitors, exhibit curators, and instructors for IAA classes & workshops.

To reserve solo exhibits in the small gallery, or teach a class or workshop, email info@irvingart.org first. This form is for pre-approved events only.

This form will send information to the members of the IAA webteam, who will publicize your event, including the webmaster, web editor, graphics artist, publicity chair, and newsletter editor. The form will actually post the information inside the WordPress website, so that it is ready for editing and posting for the public.

Questions? Email webteam@irvingartassociation.org

Pre-approved Events Only!
Lead time: at least a month if possible (more for a juried show or multi-day workshop)
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  • - -
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  • for class or event series; ending date for exhibit
  • Specify AM or PM; i.e. 7-9 PM
  • Specify the IAA Gallery -- East (large) or West (small) Gallery, at Jaycee Park Center for the Arts; or

    Other location such as Irving Arts Center, West Irving Library, Heritage Senior Center, etc. Or ONLINE if Zoom event.
  • Please include 1-3 images you would like to use or appropriate images will be found by the graphic designer. Images should be your own or copyright free.
  • Please describe your workshop, exhibit, demonstraton, or event. Include links if needed.

    Suggestions: Don't forget target audience considerations; whether RSVP or registration is required; fees if required and how they may be paid; a supply list if needed. Optional: brief bio; additional contact info
  • Please include your fees in the detailed description. Note that for private artist workshops, the instructor is required to handle registration and payment. Please specify what you are accepting: exact cash, check, credit card etc.