RNR 2018 Time Sheet
Please input and submit your teams cumulative time at each stage changeover. You should make a separate submission for each changeover.
  • Please insert the number of the stage that your runner has just completed
  • Please insert your team number
  • In the event of a runner either failing to start (DNS) or finish (DNF), please indicate accordingly.

    Record the cumulative team time for this stage (see below) as ZERO (00:00:00). Ie reset your timer as though the whole team were starting again and NOT at the time the previous runner defaulted.
  • Please insert the cumulative time for your team at the completion of the stage. This should be imput as a 6 digit number. For example a time of 9:30:55 should be input as 093055 and a time of 26:35:20 should be input as 263520