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  • Medical Release and Photo Waiver Form:

    I, the undersigned parent or guardian, submit that my son or daughter is physically fit to participate in strenuous athletic activity and is able to participate in the 7th Annual Hangout Day Youth Football & Cheerleading Camp. In consideration of my child’s entry being accepted, I intend to be legally bound, and do hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, waive and release all rights and claims for damages which may or which herein after accrue to me against Stars of Tomorrow, the 7th Annual Hangout Day Youth Football & Cheerleading Camp, and any of his/their affiliates, heirs or assigns, including, but not necessarily limited to, Allen Park Deleonardis Youth Center in North Miami Beach, City of North Miami Beach, Parks & Recreation Department, volunteers and sponsors if the event which I am entering, and subsidiary or division thereof, of their respective officers, agents, directors, representatives, successors, assigns, administrators, employees, trustees, and sponsors for any damages or injuries, which may be sustained and suffered by child in connection with entry or participation in the 7th Annual Hangout Day Youth Football & Cheerleading Camp. If my child should suffer injury or illness, I authorize officials of the Camp to use their discretion to have my child transported to a medical facility and I take responsibility for these actions. I attest and certify that my child is physically fit and is sufficiently conditioned for this camp. I hereby grant full permission to any photography, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings for any record of this event for any purpose.

    *Purpose: To enable parents and coaches to authorize the provision of emergency treat- ment for children who become ill or injured while attending camp, when parents or guardians cannot be reached.

    By sending the registration form I reviewed and understand the above information.
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