ASAA Pay It Forward Scholarship
Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association (ASAA) is pleased to announce the annual “Pay it Forward” Scholarship offered to deserving student athletes in Alberta. Scholarship applications will be submitted to the ASAA office for adjudication. There will be one recipient (male or female) selected from each of the eight zones to receive a $500 scholarship (two will be selected from Calgary and Edmonton zones due to significantly higher populations) for a total of 10 scholarships awarded on an annual basis.

This award is for student athletes who contribute their time as either a coach or an official in either the school or community. This scholarship is meant to recognize and reward those students who ‘give back’ to their school/community.

Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of the information requested below and must be submitted online only by no later than 11:59 pm on June 30, 2017. The successful applicant names will be announced in September 2017.

Xerox, in partnership with ASAA, will be selecting an overall winner from the successful 10 recipients, to receive the Xerox Excels in Excellence Award of $1000.

- Applications are submitted online to the ASAA office for distribution to adjudicating committee
- Application deadline is June 30
- Scholarship Recipients are selected from shortlist and announced in September
- The overall Xerox winner will be invited to attend APM banquet along with 2 guests (details will be given to recipient)

- ASAA will shortlist the applications and send to each zone adjudicating committee; criteria will be based on information provided in the application
- Each zone will be responsible for selecting their adjudicating committee, which will be made up of no less than 3 teacher(s) (retired or active) or Zone Executive members


Value of the scholarship: $500 & a free course of choice

Number of scholarships available:
A maximum of ten (10) scholarships are available (one recipient per ASAA zone; with Calgary and Edmonton zones each receiving two due to significantly higher populations)

Number of nominations per school:
Maximum of one female
Maximum of one male

Application Form:
The application form must be endorsed by the school principal/assistant principal and/or athletic director in the form of a reference letter and submit to the ASAA office (online).

Applicant Acknowledgement:
In submitting the form, ASAA is assuming that you understand that the ASAA may publish your photograph and name when announcing this scholarship.

Academic Requirement:
Applicants must be a current Grade 12 student in the 2014-15 school year.

The nominated student:
• Must have participated in at least one ASAA sanctioned sport during all three years of high school;
• Must be a grade 12 student;
• Must be in good standing at their school (as endorsed by school administration);
• Must have either:
a) Coached (assistant or head) one team during their three years of high school; at either school or community level in any sport; or,
b) Officiated during their three years of high school; at either school or community level in any sport

1. Application form must be completely filled out by the student; all sections are required
2. Section outlining participation in sport and involvement in coaching and/or officiating must be as detailed as possible
3. Maximum of Three letters of reference (maximum one page) relating to the eligibility requirements noted above. At least one of the letters must be from the school/community/officiating association to serve as confirmation; and one must be from your school principal or athletic director to serve as school endorsement of applicant
4. Photograph: 3x3 head shot in colour, to be used in publications
Applications must be submit online; hard copy applications will not be accepted.

Deadline: June 30

Notification & Presentation: Scholarship cheque will be sent to recipient’s school and presented by school administration
  • Student Information

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  • - -
  • High School Information

  • - -
  • Resume Information/Requirements

  • List the teams, activity, years of involvement, and any accomplishments. Please be as detailed as possible.
  • List the sport in which you officiated, the role you played (minor official, floor official, linesman, etc), any clinics attended, years of involvement, credentials (certifications, etc).
  • List the sport in which you coached, role that you played (head coach, asst coach, statistician, etc), any coaching clinics attended, years involved, credentials (certifications, etc).
  • I understand that this application is for the ASAA Pay It Forward Scholarship and recognize that by submitting this form, I am agreeing to all eligibility and academic requirements.

    I certify that all information in the application is complete and accurate and is endorsed by my school administration. In submitting this form, I understand that the ASAA may publish my photograph and name when announcing the scholarship recipients.