GC & AG Marketing Request Form
Utilize this form to request all alumni emails and/or Facebook event promotion. As a reminder the allotment is as follows: Large (4), Medium (3), Small (2).

**Please submit this form at least 6 weeks prior to the target send date of your email**
  • Provide the general purpose of the project and a snapshot of what the project will entail.
  • / /

    The final completion date for the project. All email marketing requests within the project should be scheduled to send before this date.
  • Broadcast Email Details

    Here you will provide the details for your event if you wish to send a UFAA assisted email. If you are only requesting Facebook Marketing assistance, please advance on to the next section.
  • / /
    We recommend that this date be at least two weeks prior to your event date
  • Examples:

    DFW Gator Club
    Naples Gator Club President
    Jane Doe
  • This is the “From” address for your email. Note that all replies to your email will also go to this address. In compliance with anti-spam laws and regulations, the Advancement Digital Communications team is unable to set a different “reply to” email address.
  • This is the subject line your recipients will see in their inboxes.
  • Enter the text that you would like your recipients to see as the one-to-four line message preview in selected email clients.
    (You can read more about the pre-header here: https://help.marketingcloud.com/en-US/documentation/distributed_sending/email/preheader/
  • The optimal size for header images is 600w x 200h pixels.
  • The call to action should be a URL that will likely be presented as a button in your sent email that directs the recipient to take some kind of action. It is strongly recommended that all emails have one clear call to action.
  • Social Media Marketing Details

    Here you will provide the event details for a Facebook event promotion. As a reminder the club allotments are as follows: Large (4), Medium (3), Small (2).

    For more examples and information on how social media marketing can be effective before, during and after events visit, https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-for-events/.
  • / /
    We recommend that you schedule to begin your event promotion 7-14 days prior to your event or RSVP deadline.
  • Event Details

    This is where you provide all related event details.
  • / / :
    This is when your event will be taking place.
  • Example: Emerson Alumni Hall
  • (include any special instructions, requirements, or additional information)
  • Club Social Media and Website Information

    Please provide the URL links for the following websites.
  • (to be listed on eBlast. Please provide the URL, not username)
  • UFAA Information

    Please provide contact information for use only by Alumni Association staff should additional details about the event be needed
  • (for use by Alumni Association staff only)
  • (for use by Alumni Association staff only)
  • (for use by Alumni Association staff only)
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