Session Fees:
1-Hour Initial Session = $100
2-Hour Workbook Session = $200
1 - 3 Week Interactive Workshop = Tailored duration and cost with a $50 down payment for the 1-hour strategy session

Step 1:
Complete this form so Dr. HermanSJr. can tailor sessions based on your needs, situation, vision, mindset, and goals. (For the 1-3 weeks-long workshop-program the value-based cost and strategy will be discussed on the initial strategy session after you make the $50 down payment during this 3-step process; all other services will be completed in full on the date/time you schedule with Dr. HermanSJr. after you make the full payment during this 3-step process.) You will then be directed to PayPal to make the proper payment for the proper service - no PayPal account required.

Step 2:
Make the proper payment for the proper service. You will then be directed to Calendly to schedule the service (the initial strategy call for the 1-3 weeks-long workshop program, or the full service of all other sessions).

Step 3:
Schedule the session with Dr. HermanSJr.

* Falsification to any extent will void enrollment.
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