2023 Soccer Permit Request - Cooper/KR/Spindler
This form indicates only a request by the permit applicant.
  • Fields will be available for rental starting Monday, March 13th, 2023. Please note that this is a tentative date and could be impacted by weather. Additionally, a limited number of fields/locations are scheduled to be available at start of season.

    Rental Rate
    Cooper/Kilbourne Run: $30 per field, per hour (2 hour minimum)
    Spindler: $30 per field, per hour (2 hour minimum)
  • - -
  • Examples - soccer/game, football/practice, ultimate/tournament, graduation party/event
  • $50 for 1 day per week; $100 for 2+ days per week, fees for vendors during events/tournaments is TBD
  • Please specify whether you are using multiple fields per event, game, or practice.
  • Cooper Park has only 11v11 size fields. Kilbourne Run has 11v11, 9v9, and 7v7.
    Please specify whether or not you need multiple different sizes of fields as well.
  • Be sure to include date, game/practice, start and end times, # of fields and field sizes (7v7, 9v9, 11v11). If you are renting the open air shelter house, please describe the event you are looking to host.
  • 2023 Rules and Regulations - All Outdoor Facilities

    All groups requesting a permit must read the following and sign below.

    The permit holder agrees to inform their participants and abide by all rules and regulations established by the City of Columbus and its Recreation and Parks Department. The electronic signature by the applicant on the permit request will signify that the permit holder has read, understood, and will comply with the rules and regulations set forth.

    Any permit holder in violation of the rules and regulations is subject to a permit suspension, fine, and/or disciplinary action at the discretion of the Director of Columbus Recreation and Parks.

    All City of Columbus Parks are used by permit only. Permits may be verified. Please have your permit on-hand when using the facility.

    CRPD reserves the right to change any current permit if deemed necessary.

    No field assignments can be changed for any circumstance without approval from Columbus
    Recreation and Parks.

    No facility or athletic field may be altered in any way (maintenance, bases, mounds, goals, etc.) under any circumstance without prior approval from Columbus Recreation and Parks.

    The City of Columbus is not liable for any damaged or stolen equipment owned by permit holders.

    No collection of parking fees is permitted in city parks unless prior written approval from the Recreation Commission and the Director of Columbus Recreation and Parks is provided.

    If deemed necessary, Columbus Recreation and Parks reserves the right to require the permit holder to obtain additional portable restroom facilities, special duty officers, dumpsters, etc., at their own expense.

    No alcohol is permitted in city parks. Law expressly prohibits the sale, consumption and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

    Tobacco Free Zones: No person shall use any form of tobacco at or within 100 feet of the created zones in city-owned parks or operated outdoor facilities including the restrooms, spectator and concession areas, playgrounds, aquatic areas, athletic fields/courts, and special event venues.

    Parking on grass is not permitted. Any vehicles parked on the grass are subject to tickets.

    All organizations must provide all labor and materials necessary to keep the park clean and orderly during practices, games and scheduled tournaments. Trash containers are provided. If permanent receptacles are not adequate, you must provide additional trash containers and they must be removed following your event.

    Park electricity is not available unless prior arrangements are made with Columbus Recreation and Parks.

    No independent or unauthorized concession stand or vendor is permitted in city parks.

    Columbus Recreation and Parks has the right to cancel any activity if they feel it could damage facilities. Games should be delayed or postponed on athletic fields that are not playable due to inclement weather. Under no circumstance should any team be using the fields if they are in poor condition due to weather.
    Your organization is responsible for any costs associated with repairing any damage to our facilities, which may occur as a result of activities associated with your group. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your permit.

    Additional portable facilities must be provided at the permit holder’s expense if adequate restrooms are not available onsite.

    Tents may only be placed in public parks upon receiving approval from Recreation and Parks. Tent inspections and permits are required for tents exceeding 400 square feet, and for those, which are used for assembly.

    Columbus Recreation and Parks must approve all park banners and signage prior to being displayed.

    Failure to provide at least 48 hours notice (2 business days) for any cancellation will result in forfeiture of that date. No reschedule date will be permitted. If cancelled with required notice, the permit can be transferred to an alternative date in season if available.

    Synthetic Turf Fields
    The Following Items are prohibited on all synthetic turf fields
    Sunflower Seeds - Food - Soda/Pop - Golf
    Tobacco Products - Glass - Sports Drinks - Pets
    Flammable Liquids - Gum - Metal Cleats - Juice

    Batting practice or pitching practice (warming up) is not permitted on mound and home plate area prior to games.

    All operations by the organization under this agreement shall be conducted solely at their own risk.

    Permit Holder and guests will be governed by the rules and regulations set forth in Chapter 919 of the Columbus City Codes.

    The Permit Holder hereby agrees that the use of such Recreation and Parks Department facilities and equipment shall be upon conditions listed above and at the exclusive risk of Permit Holder, his/her guests, and agents and employees of the Permit Holder. The Permit Holder further agrees to indemnify and save harmless the City of Columbus from any and all claims, suits, loss of damage or injury to persons or property of any kind or nature. This applies to the Permit Holder, his/her guests, and agents and employees of the Permit Holder as a result of the use of, or activities engaged in, the facilities, or use of equipment.

    Permit Holder hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Columbus if they violate the law.

    Permit Holder agrees that he/she and all guests will abide by all Columbus Recreation and Parks rules and regulations in addition to the following conditions: Failure to abide by all of the rules and policies below may result in your permit being cancelled and/or your group being removed from the facility. The permit holder will not receive a refund of any type if a permit is cancelled and/or a group is removed from a facility due to a rule or policy violation.
  • Signature Required