Chemistry Lab Exemption Request Form
Department of Chemistry Lab Exemption Policy If you take a course with a lab, and then want to retake it (because you failed it, or because you want to upgrade your grade), it may be possible to retake the course without retaking the lab (i.e., you retake the course with a lab exemption). The following rules apply:


1. In order to be eligible for a Lab Exemption you must have COMPLETED and PASSED the Laboratory with a certain minimum grade, and you must have completed the course (i.e. you can NOT VW the course at any point). The lab grade needed to qualify for a lab exemption is normally 70% but may be different for different courses: see the relevant course syllabus for details.

2. For courses with a separate lab exam, the lab exam mark may be calculated as part of the lab portion of the course, and contributes to the lab grade you need to qualify for an exemption.

3. You may still be responsible for answering all lab-related questions on the final exam when repeating the course.

4. Laboratory exemptions can only be used ONCE with the ONE year it is valid. Once registered with the exemption, it is considered used even with a VW (you will not be issued a second exemption).

5. A lab exemption can be based on a lab taken at another university. In that case, the lab mark itself does not transfer. Instead, the grade percentage for the lab part (lab and lab exam where relevant) of the course goes on the final exam. You must nevertheless make sure a letter is sent to the Department of Chemistry stating the date the course was taken at the other university, and the grade you received for the lab there.

6. After you submit your application for a Lab Exemption, you will receive an auto response from the Department of Chemistry that your request has been received. Please note that this isn’t the official response. Once we receive and verify your lab mark, you will receive an email from the Department of Chemistry saying you are eligible or not eligible for a Lab Exemption. This email is cc’d to your Faculty office as well. Once your Faculty receives our email, they will put the system override in place, which will permit you to register for the course (Lecture Section and Lab Exemption Section B99). Please DO NOT register for a lab if you are eligible for a lab exemption. You would only be taking lab space away from those students who are required to take the lab.

7. If you are currently registered in a lab you must remove yourself, then re-register into the Lab Exempt section (B99). Failure to remove yourself from the lab may result in you receiving an "F" in the course. We strongly encourage you to go to your faculty to make the change so that you do not lose your space in the course.

8. If you passed the course originally, but nevertheless want to retake it using a lab exemption, you must go to your Faculty of record to obtain a repeat override. This authorizes you to repeat the course.

9. CHEM 2370 Students from Winter 2020 session: If you are granted a lab exemption for CHEM 2370, you are required to write the lab exam with the other students when you take the course next.
  • if Off-Campus: please send letter from previous institution stating when the lab was taken (date) and the grade you received.