VPAF103 Legacy Award Application
To be eligible, applicants must have completed their undergraduate degrees at an accredited U.S. institution and must be enrolled at an accredited U.S. graduate institution during the award period.

We strongly encourage applicants to learn more about the Pan Am 103 bombing and this award at

Victims of Pan Am 103, Inc.

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  • VPAF103 Legacy Application

    The application consists of 4 parts:

    • Basic information about the applicant, including proposed program of study

    • CV/resume and transcripts

    • Two letters of recommendation

    • Personal Statement

    Once you begin your application you may choose to save it and resume later. If you click 'save & resume' you will have 14 days to return and finish your form. If you return to this form after 14 days, you will need to start a new application.


    The mission of the Victims of Pan Am 103, Inc.’s Scholarship Award is to support students pursuing advanced degrees in areas of study related to improved national security and terrorism prevention for the USA.

    Advances in technology, social science research and political leadership in a changing world are valuable tools supporting the goals of the Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, Inc.

    • Individuals who completed their undergraduate degree in the United States, and who are enrolled in a graduate program in the United States are eligible to apply. The award is contingent upon matriculation into a graduate program during the award period.

    • Successful candidates will demonstrate a capacity for leadership, have a record of high academic or professional achievement, and have clearly defined career interests with evidence of potential for professional accomplishments related to national security and terrorism prevention. All fields of study will be considered.

    • Applicants with 3 or more years of professional work experience should apply for the VPAF103 Legacy Fellowship, which provides $5,000 for one year of graduate study.

    • Applicants who are about to complete or have recently completed (within the last 3 years) an undergraduate degree should apply for the VPAF103 Legacy Scholarship, which provides $2,000 for one year of graduate study.

    The deadline to submit this application is February 21st.

    All fields must be filled out. Click 'Next' to navigate to page 2 and begin your application.

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