Team Brunel Coaching Information Form
All coaches of Team Brunel clubs are required to complete and submit this coaching pack before commencing any coaching.
  • Welcome

    Thank you for signing up to be a Team Brunel coach - we are looking forward to another successful year ahead!

    If you have any questions, please contact

    Privacy Statement:
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  • Please give details of your coaching experience, qualifications and the contact details for a reference (by providing us with these details you are giving us permission to contact this referee so please obtain their consent first).
  • £ .
    Please note, this rate must have been agreed with the club chair and Student Activities before it is can be confirmed.
  • If you answer yes to this question, you may be eligible for worker status, meaning you will receive holiday pay, and statutory sick pay (if entitled). If you answer yes, please contact for further discussions.
  • Coaching Qualification

    Please provide a scanned copy of relevant coaching qualifications related to this role.
  • Coaching Insurance

    Please provide proof of your public liability insurance for this year. If your insurance runs out mid season please send us a copy of your renewal.

    Please note - any sessions taken when no valid insurance proof is provided will not be paid.