Team Brunel Coaching Information Form
All coaches of Team Brunel clubs are required to complete and submit this coaching pack before commencing any coaching.
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    Thank you for signing up to be a Team Brunel coach - we are looking forward to another successful year ahead!

    If you have any questions, please contact

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  • Please give details of your coaching experience, qualifications and the contact details for a reference (by providing us with these details you are giving us permission to contact this referee so please obtain their consent first).
  • £ .
    Please note, this rate must have been agreed with the club chair and Student Activities before it is can be confirmed.
  • For more information and to set up a UTR, please visit
  • Coaching Qualification

    Please provide a scanned copy of relevant coaching qualifications related to this role.
  • If you do not have any Coaching Qualifications, please contact Matt Thornton ( providing additional information such as previous playing level, currently undergoing coaching qualification etc.
  • Coaching Insurance

    Please provide proof of your public liability insurance for this year. If your insurance runs out mid season please send us a copy of your renewal.

    Please note - any sessions taken when no valid insurance proof is provided will not be paid.
  • Link to Coaching Insurance provider if not already covered by Qualification: