Become a Partner-New London County Nonprofits
Arts, cultural and historic partners in the region represent a diverse cross section from small organizations and individual artists to libraries, historical societies and large tourist attractions.

Both nonprofit and for-profit organizations are part of the creative sector. With the purpose of uniting the region, Coalition Partners also include theaters, galleries, educational institutions, military officials, municipalities, elected officials, economic development groups, planners, tourism agencies, and chambers of commerce located in and/or serving southeastern Connecticut. Individual artists need not live in the region to become a Partner.

General public and individuals interested in receiving news and updates from us may sign up on our website ( under 'Sign Up for News and Updates' tab).

Partnership with the Coalition is a two-way street. Our work depends on the sharing of information and a desire and willingness to connect and collaborate. There is no fee to be a Partner.

As a Partner, you will join a diverse coalition of people who live, work and support the creative sector in southeastern Connecticut;

• The Coalition provides opportunities to Connect your business or talents with others in the region.
• Find resources to obtain grants, jobs, auditions and more
• Attend workshops to strengthen your business or organization
• Share your good news with culture minded people in the region
• Unite with other creative organizations and individuals to advocate for arts and culture on a statewide basis

By registering as a Partner, you are providing the Coalition with basic information in order to:

• Ensure we have the correct contact information for you, your organization, group, agency or business
• Allow us to invite you to our Stakeholder Forums and other activities
• Allow us to Send emails with relevant information
• Provide an opportunity for you to promote events/programs/activities
• Build awareness of our Partners to each other and to the public
• Connect you with other Partners
• Create a clearinghouse of regional resources with links back to each of our Partners
• Enable the Coalition to advocate for the sector.

Our Partners are our eyes, ears and boots on the ground.

The Southeastern Connecticut Cultural Coalition does not support, nor will promote, any Partner advocating a particular political, philosophical, religious or ideological point of view or a particular program of social action or change.

The Southeastern Connecticut Cultural Coalition does not discriminate or permit discrimination against any person or group of persons on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religious belief, age, marital or civil union status, sex, intellectual disability, physical disability, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

*Please check the current list of 'Our Partners' on our website to see if someone has already registered your organization or business prior to completing form.
  • Contact Person on behalf of Partner. Please complete ONE registration per Partner.

    Additional persons wishing to receive information from us may sign up for newsletters on our website.
  • Title of Staff Member or Volunteer Role
  • Email for Contact Person
  • Name of Business, Organization, Entity or Individual to be listed in our Partner records
  • If there is no physical address, please skip to next section.
  • Please indicate municipality where Partner is located. If there is no physical location, please indicate municipality of office or mailing address.
  • nonprofit classification developed by the National Center for Charitable Statistics
  • Please indicate below
  • For assistance, please call Southeastern CT Cultural Coalition (860) 448-5135