Registration of Product
Registration of Product to be Promoted via Halal e-Commerce to SustNET
  • If choose other, please specify.
  • If choose other, please specify.
  • Product Description - 1

    Each member can promote maximum to 5 product items.
  • Product Description - 2

  • Product Description - 3

  • Product Description - 4

  • Product Description - 5

  • Note:

    For every product, we need to have clear product photos and "Halal" label on it.

    We only allow 2 pictures to be uploaded for each product description.

    We also allow 5 products for one application.

    Additional products shall need new request application.

    Furthermore, for every product before uploading your products, you may wish to prepare the following:

    1. Name of Product, eg. ABC Mineral Water 500ml (12 Bottles)
    2. Short Description of Product, eg. Fresh Tasting Water from Japan.
    3. Full Description of Product, eg. Describe your product in detail, including ingredients, cooking method, delivery to various countries, minimum quantity, payment terms, etc.
    4. Main Image of Product (required), suggested size 1000 x 1000 pixel or 800 x 800 pixel
    5. Gallery Images, if any.
    6. Regular Price (required) (in USD), wholesale prices
    7. Sale Price with Schedule (Optional) (in USD)

    SustNET Policy and Administration office shall contact and ask for more details before approval.
    Selected and approved products shall be confirmed by the SustNET Committee. All final pricing to customers on e-Commerce site shall be subject to SustNET terms and conditions.
    Thank You for your Cooperation

    Sustainable Business Network Association Malaysia (SustNET)