Internet Usage Agreement
Use of the Internet at Greensboro AHEC’s student housing is intended to support North Carolina Health Science Schools and Area Health Education Center missions and must be used in an ethical and legal manner consistent with all University and AHEC policies.

1. The network may not be used for commercial profit activities.

2A. Unsolicited advertising by users is strictly forbidden. For the purpose of this Policy, "Unsolicited Advertising" shall be defined to include any transmission that describes goods, products, or services and that is initiated by the vendor, provider, retailer, or manufacturer of the described goods, products, or services, or by a third party retained by, affiliated with, or related to the vendor, provider, retailer, or manufacturer. This prohibition shall not include either (i) discussions of a product or service's relative advantages and disadvantages by users of those products or services (unless the user is also the vendor, provider, retailer, or manufacturer, or related to or affiliated with the vendor, provider, retailer, or manufacturer), (ii) responses to questions, but only if such responses are direct replies to those who inquired via electronic mail, or (iii) mailings to individuals or entities on a mailing list so long as the individual or entity voluntarily placed his/her or its name on the mailing list.

2B. Commercial activity of any kind is strictly forbidden. Commercial activity for the purpose of this agreement is defined as profit-oriented activity. Users shall avoid unnecessary network traffic and interference with other users.

3A. Any type of mass mailing resulting in network spamming or "chain letters" is strictly forbidden.

3B. Users shall not harass or stalk others, post, transmit, or originate any unlawful, threatening, abusive, fraudulent, hateful, defamatory, obscene, or pornographic communication, or any communication where the message, or its transmission or distribution, would constitute or would encourage conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any local, state, national, or international law.

3C. Users shall not access or attempt to gain access to any other user's system accounts or to any nonpublic or restricted portions of the Health Science School network. Users also shall not intercept or attempt to intercept data transmissions of any kind.

4. Users shall use the internet access key only during their time at Greensboro AHEC. Any use of the key outside the users rotation time, or any disclosure of the access key to persons other than the individual user, is a direct violation of the Greensboro AHEC internet agreement and will result in revocation of internet privileges as well as appropriate disciplinary action.

Greensboro AHEC shall be entitled to act upon any breach of these Acceptable Use Policies, and Greensboro AHEC shall be entitled to exercise all appropriate remedies, including termination from the wireless network, and/or legal action. Greensboro AHEC Administration and Student Services will refer serious violiations to the appropriate University department for disciplinary action.
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