Survey for Music Promotion Inc
+ Marketing Plan
+ Strategy Consultancy
(+ any other services we offer)

Completion of this form provides us with a snapshot of where artists are in their careers. Your answers will define the level of marketing that is needed to further your career as well as what the best approach will be. Please be honest and fill in everything you can.

If you are not interested in a consultancy or marketing plan services, please use the general submission form instead (it's less extensive and will save you time): General Submission Form

Please read before submitting music.

** MPi assists artists/labels with marketing and consulting services.
** We are not a recording label. (We do not "sign" talent.)
** We do not work on a percentage basis.
** Our promotion/marketing services are generally for established artists/bands/labels who have professional recordings that are already finished. This is our specialty and where we offer the most value for our clients.
** Please do not submit music with profanities. We simply have no outlet for it.
** Please do not submit demos, instead come back with the finished product.
**Mainstream music is where we do best in the marketing/consulting arena. A/C, HAC, Top 40, and AAA.

Thank you!
  • Please include country code if outside of the USA.
  • You may choose more than one genre.
  • We prefer this method over uploading an MP3 file. Please use Soundcloud or a service we do not need to login into.
  • UPLOADING A SONG- If your song(s) are not online, you can attach a track for us to listen to below.

  • Please attach an .mp3 only. Any other file type will be deleted.
    Name the MP3 as "ARTIST NAME - SONG TITLE.MP3" If it's not names as this, we will need to ask you to resend. Due to the volume of files we receive, if the artist name is not included, it will get lost.
  • Due to the volume of files we receive, PLEASE name the file as "ARTIST NAME - PIC 1.jpg"
  • If you don't have 10 bullets, just write anything you feel would quality.

  • (We will discuss details at further date.)
  • Thank You. If you are sending large files, this upload may take a couple minutes. A representative from Music Promotion, Inc. will be in touch with you shortly.