Membership Application- Enslen
In order for us to best serve you and your child, please complete ALL of the information.

• Membership is valid for 1 school year.
• Membership is for students at Enslen Grades K- 6th.
• Enrollment is based on openings per grade level
*Students may be placed on a waitlist
• Memberships are renewed annually.
• All personal information is kept strictly confidential.
• Only aggregated data is shared with funding sources.

Late fee:
For pick up: In the first 10 mins, there is no charge. If you are later than 10 mins you will be charged $1 a minute and after 30 minutes it will be $2 a minute.

To ensure your child’s safety and confidentiality of personal data we do not share attendance information over the phone, we also will not pull your child from programming so you may speak to them. We will be happy to give them a message.
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  • Adults in Household

    The people listed here must live in the member's household. They will be listed as authorized pick-up and called first in the event of an emergency.
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  • Authorized Pick Ups/ Emergency Contact

    (Outside of Head of Household)
    Please list up to 2 additional person that can be contacted in case of an emergency and are authorized to pick up your child(ren).
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  • Parent Guardian Agreements

    Please review the following information