KND Distance Learning Daycare Pre-Registration
Current families can use this form to secure their spot for Jan-May.
  • 5 Days a Week
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  • Terms of Enrollment

    A deposit equal to 4 weeks of fees is required. Terms of

    Do you have to commit to end of the school year?
    Unless schools resume full time or the hybrid model gets offered, we are asking for a commitment until the end of the school year. Deposits would be refunded if you opted to return to school full time. Half of your deposit would be refunded if you decided to follow a hybrid model of returning to school and had to leave our program because of Alameda County Health Department recommendations. (see below)

    What about if schools resume using a hybrid model?
    We will have to follow the guidelines of Alameda County Health department. If they determine the risk would be too great for students to have dual exposure in school and in our program, we would have to restrict families attending both. If you opted to leave our program in this case to allow your child to attend in-person instruction part time, half of your deposit would be refunded so long as we were given a month’s notice. If the health department determined that attending both our program and in-school learning was within safety guidelines, you could reduce hours with us when your child is on-site at your school with no loss of deposit so long as we are given one month’s notice.

    When do we have to make a decision to commit to your program?
    Current families can pre-register until the end of this month. After that time open spaces will be allotted to new families. Switching from full-time to part-time or vise versa may be possible if space allows and we feel your child would be a good fit for the students already enrolled.
  • - I understand that if any family members refuse to adhere to our protocols after being reminded, they risk the child being dismissed from the program without advanced notice. Documentation of the reminder provided and policies not followed will be provided. No refunds will be provided if asked to leave the program
    - Children will be taught safety guidelines for participating in our program. We understand that they will not always remember but must always be willing to follow directions when reminded. If they seem to have difficulty with following directions and we feel it may potentially compromise the health of others in the program, the family will be notified and if not improved dismissal from the program is possible. Under these circumstances, refunds will not be provided.
  • NOT GUARANTEED AT THIS TIME This would be at added cost of $10/hour.
    Everyone please respond regardless of if you are enrolling at this time or not.

  • This would be in addition to the academic support provided for distant learning
  • This would be in addition to the academic support provided for distant learning and daily age appropriate read-alouds and discussions
  • This would be in addition to the regular weekly craft.
  • Transportation would be provided in 2 vehicles when possible with everyone in masks and windows open

  • This may be hard to plan for as school sites and teachers may not provide adequate notice of when students' instructional times will be.
  • Indicates I agree to the payment and participation terms.
  • First and Last Name of person that completed the form and signed above.