2022 Club Boat Loan Agreement
Agreement for the Loan of a Club Boat

This agreement is between (1) The Guernsey Rowing Club LBG ("the Club") and (2) "the Hirer".

NB all crew must be named on this form using the designated field(s) below.

The Schedule of Terms below should be read alongside this Loan Agreement.
  • Schedule of Terms

    1. The Hirer must be fully paid up members of the Club.

    2. The Club will insure the Boat. A copy of the current policy is available on request. The Hirer will comply with all its terms and will indemnify the Club for any failure so to do.

    3. The Hirer will immediately pay to the Club the Hire Charge and Deposit; the Deposit will be refunded at the end of this agreement less any sum required to return the Boat to a good state of repair and condition or to make good any loss to the Club arising from a breach of this agreement. The deposit shall be returned to the account specified below upon return of the boat.

    4. The Hirer will provide all safety equipment required by the rules; a copy of which is attached hereto.

    5. The Hirer shall keep the boat in good condition and shall return it to the Club at the end of this agreement in a good state of repair and condition. Club boats will be subject to a check-in check-out process to protect both the Hirer and Club from any unnecessary fees being incurred.

    6. The Boat must be used only for training and racing in the Club’s races and such other races as the Committee may approve. It must not be used for social outings or landed other than in Guernsey without the Committee’s consent.

    7. Unless the Committee agrees otherwise, the Boat must be kept in the Club House or any designated boat park during the race season.

    8. The Committee reserves the right to use the Boat at such times as it is not required by the Hirer for a participation in a race but undertakes to provide reasonable notice of such use to the Hirer.

    9. The Hirer shall, before taking the Boat out for the first time, arrange for a Committee member to inspect the safety equipment and shall comply with the any directions given as to the use of the Boat.

    10. The Hirer must provide a named guard boat for the season (although not necessarily every race).

    11. This agreement shall come to an end, the Boat returned to the Club and the Deposit (subject to paragraph 3) returned to the Hirer if:

    a) the Boat remains unused for more than three weeks without good reason; and/ or

    b) the Hirer breaches any of the terms of this agreement; and/ or

    c) the Hirer misuses the Boat or behaves in a manner deemed by the Committee to be irresponsible; and in any event

    d) on the first day of October next, or such other date selected by the Club as the end of the racing season.

    12. The Team Captain agrees to act as the sole point of contact between the crew and Committee.

    13. Provision and Return of the boat will be subject to the completion of a handover process as determined by the Committee.

    "the Hirer" means the below named persons and shall in the case of more than one person mean joint and severally.

    "the Boat" means the below named and numbered boat.

    "the Hire Charge" means:

    - £700 in respect of Club Quads; Race Numbers 82, 83, 84 and 85;

    - £375 in respect of Club Doubles; Race Numbers 1, 12 and 35;

    "the Deposit" means:

    - £500 in respect of Club Quads numbered 82, 83, 84 and 85.

    - £150 in respect of all other Club Boats specified above.

    "good state of repair and condition" means in the same state as when provided by the Club and includes regular cleaning.
  • Please select the type of boat that the GRC Committee has agreed you may hire for the season.
    Please enter the names of the hirer(s) below, i.e. the crew members.

  • Specified in our communication to you
  • A message confirming your entry and payment will be sent to this email address upon completion of your form submission.
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  • Team Captain Declaration

    I have read and understood the Agreement and Schedule of Terms for the Loan of a Guernsey Rowing Club ("GRC") owned boat. I further confirm, on their behalf, that the team members named above have read this Agreement and have consented to be bound by it.
  • Return Account Details

    Please provide bank account details for return of the deposit once the boat has been returned.
  • Guernsey Rowing Club LBG

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    Registered address: The Boathouse, Mont Crevelt, Bulwer Avenue, St Sampsons, Guernsey, GY2 4LH.
  • Disclaimer

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