Print 3D Objects
As part of a class project, we can print out your 3D model. Please follow these guidelines. You will receive an email confirmation of receipt of the file and an email when the 3D model is ready to be pick up at the IT Department. Please allow 3 school days for printing, depending on volume of print jobs in the queue.
  • If you are about to choose no, please stop and get teacher permission before submitting your file. We will check with your teacher before printing the file.
  • eg - 7B
  • Your file must follow this convention:
    surname / first name / class


    smithtim8C.stl or smithtim.obj

    (you do not need to type .stl or .obj. This will be assigned when you choose the file type to export)

  • Does it need to be a specific size?
    (default print size will be 70 mm x 70 mm x 70 mm maximum dimensions)
    What colour do you need?
    What size would be minimum?
    When do you need it?