2020 | Search for Game Changers & Keynote Speakers
As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV) is excited to launch our 2020 Search for Game Changers & Keynote Speakers. Before you move forward with your submission, with strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with the AFLV Operating System.

Our undergraduate leadership conferences are educational experiences attended by close to 4,000 undergraduate fraternity & sorority leaders, professionals, and volunteers. Additionally, as more than 80% of conference attendees are new, our conferences create the opportunity to enable change in a new population of student leaders annually.

If you are hoping to book engagements at college campuses around the country and throughout the year, we feel confident that speaking at one of our conferences will increase those opportunities for you.

Selected speakers/experiences will receive the following discounts on conference registration:

General Session Keynotes: 50%
Game Changers: 25%

Additional costs you should expect to incur include travel, hotel, etc.

This form must be completed by June 26, 2019 to be considered for our 2020 conferences. Selections will begin to be announced in August 2019.

Please email Ryan O'Rourke, Executive Director, at ryan@aflv.org with any additional questions.
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  • This person will receive selection notifications.
  • Program Information

  • *If selected, this description will be used in the official program book. Description is limited to 150 words.

    A few instructions:
    - Write in future tense and the second person.
    - Do not use bullet points.
    - Preview the content and program outcomes/intentions.
    - Employ an educational tone.
    - Focus on the content being provided.
    - Address your target audience.
    - Address any interaction that will occur.
    - Clarify and explain the relevancy of the topic.
  • In order to select speakers for our conferences, an online video sample is required to be submitted. Please provide the link above and please provide a brief description (location, year, audience, and any additional relevant information) of the video below:
  • Please strike a balance between introduction of the speaker and the content. Programs selected for keynote slots will have their introductions pre-recorded at the conference.
  • Speaker Information

  • Please do not list the agency contact email.
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    For on-site contact purposes. This number will not be shared.
  • Conference Preferences:

  • Please only select the conferences you are available to attend.
  • Please be familiar with the goals for each session by reviewing the AFLV Speaker Opportunities, prior to checking all that apply.
  • Conference Silent Auction

  • Please note that this amount should NOT include of travel costs, as the purchasing campus or organization will be responsible for travel expenses. AFLV will also set the opening bid as a percentage of the amount listed.
  • Agreement

  • I Agree
    The applicant speaker is interested in accelerating progress in fraternity/sorority communities.
    The applicant speaker will register for any conference he/she/they accepts an invitation to speak at.
    The applicant speaker, or their designee, will meet all content deadlines associated with the conference program.
    If selected, the applicant speaker's agency will become an Organizational Partner and register to exhibit at the selected 2020 AFLV conference.