• Please include your First Name and Surname.
  • Please make sure you provide all details including street, town and postcode
    All tables, marquee's, props, chairs and anything required for your stall must be provided by the stall holder.
  • If yes YOU MUST provide us with current copy of policy or certificate of currency.
  • If yes to Public Liability Insurance please provide name of insurer
  • / /
  • You must provide us with minimum of 3 photo's
    In either pdf, png or jpeg format. Please note, these images will be used for advertising on our social media account so please ensure they are current and of high quality
  • I give permission for images of my products to be used for marketing and advertising purposes, both online and in print. These may be the images I have supplied (which maybe modified to enhance appearance) or ones taken by the organisers on the day of the market or from your social media accounts
  • Description of products: Make sure every product you intend to sell is listed. Please note we reserve the right to ask you not to bring a product based on limited categories. Even if details have been provided previously you must list them for each application. Please list all products available from primary product in descending order.
    1)primary product
    2) 2nd primary product
    3) so on so forth.....
  • e.g: size or placement of stall (corner, against wall, etc), power and anything else you may need help with on the day. *Please do not request a specific place or stall number
  • First Name / Surname
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    By clicking "email application" I agree that I have read, understood and retained a copy of the terms and conditions relevant to this event. I agree to abide by the terms and conditions as specified.
  • You are required to provide us with current photos of your stock, even if you have provided photo's of products in the past
  • Please upload a copy of your Public Liability Insurance and current product photo's.
    You will need to reduce the size of your photo's to below 1 megabyte each (or 3,000,000 total pixels)
    Accepted files include pdf, jpeg, gif & png files
    (please note there is a 7 megabyte limit for all files)
    If you are having trouble resizing your photos, then please email them to customerservice@bairnsdalemakersmarket.org
    Thank you.