Ushanka Russian Trapper Bomber Aviator Winter Hats
Hats are mainly worn as stylish accessories by people of all ages, but some of the popular styles worn today emerged for other reasons.Of the types of hats that are popular today, the trapper hat is the one that is best suited to cold seasons and environments, protecting the wearers head, neck and ears.Some also believe that Asian nomads in Arctic regions wore the trapper hat.People often associate the current style of trapper hat with Russia and these types of hats evolved in the 20th century. During the Russian civil war the trapper hat was worn by the Siberian leader Kolchak and the White Army. During winter time these types of hats were worn by the Red Army of the Soviet Union as part of their uniform.
An aviator hat, also known as a bomber hat, is a usually a leather cap with large earflaps, a chin strap and, often, a short bill that is commonly turned up at the front to show the lining (often fleece or fur). It is often worn with goggles. It may be made of other materials, such as felt. Aviator hats became popular in the early days of the 20th century as open-cockpit airplanes grew in use. Pilots needed a hat to keep their heads and ears warm, as well as goggles to protect their eyes in flight. With the advent of closed-cockpit airplanes, hats became less necessary (note that Charles Lindbergh still wore one when he crossed the Atlantic in 1927, though his Spirit of St. Louis monoplane had a closed cockpit). Nonetheless, aviator's hats continued in popularity as a fashion accessory and winter hat Aviator's hats continued in aviation use through the Second World War, until the age of jet fighters, when solid plastic and, later, carbon fiber helmets replaced leather caps in the cockpits of planes.
The USHANKA can be translated to a furry winter hat with ear flaps. Both men and women in Russia often wear the ushanka. The Ushanka got its name because of the hat having its ear-flaps being able to be tied on top of the hat or let down to the sides. When wearing the ushanka, one has several different options on how to wear it. The freedom to let the ear flaps cover your ears from the harsh Russian winter proves to be helpful in the long run. The classical style of having the ear flaps tied on top the hat can be seen in the old Soviet Union movies, thus, making the ushanka famous worldwide.
The winter fur hat Ushanka was issued to troops for the coldest winter months. The ushanka is perhaps the best-known Russian symbol in the world. Both men and women in Russia often wear the ushanka.This hat has been used for many years and has been developed into different versions over time. It is still issued to many armies today.
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